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What are Alabama Inmate Records?

Alabama inmate records are documents that contain information regarding detainees in correctional facilities in Alabama. Examples of correctional facilities include county jails, state-operated detention centers, work centers, camps, and other penal institutions.

Persons who obtain Alabama inmate records can expect to see the offenders’ general information, such as full names and aliases, as well as race, gender, date of birth, and nationality/ethnicity. Most jails will also include the inmate’s most recent mugshot, charges, sentence, bail, bond, and pending trial information. In compliance with Alabama open record laws, all or some of this information is publicly available.

Inmate records are considered public in the United States and therefore are made available by both traditional governmental agencies as well as third-party websites and organizations. Third-party websites may offer an easier search, as these services do not face geographical limitations. However, because third-party sites are not government-sponsored, the information obtained through them may vary from official channels. To find inmate records using third-party aggregate sites, requesting parties must provide:

  • The location of the sought-after record, including state, county, and city where the inmate resides.
  • The name of the person listed in the record, unless it is a juvenile.

Facilities Operated by the Alabama Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

The oversight of state-run correctional facilities falls under the duties of the Alabama Department of Correction (DOC). The Agency houses more than 20,000 inmates across fifteen major facilities. In addition, Holman Correctional Facility houses male inmates on death row, while Tutwiler Prison for Women houses female inmates. Interested persons may obtain information on inmates housed in any of these facilities by contacting the Agency’s central office located at:

Alabama Department of Corrections
301 South Ripley St.
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (855) WE-R-ADOC

The state also provides an interactive prison lookup tool that the public can use to locate inmates online. The public may also contact inmates, deposit funds, or schedule visits by contacting the housing facility. Find below the location of all inmates and correctional facilities in the state.

Bibb Correctional Facility
565 Bibb Lane
Brent, AL 35034
Phone: (205) 926-5252

Bullock Correctional Facility
104 Bullock Drive
Union Springs, AL 36089
Phone: (334) 738-5625
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5107
Union Springs, AL 36089-5107

Donaldson Correctional Facility
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023-7299
Phone: (205) 436-3681
Mailing Address
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023-7299

Easterling Correctional Facility
200 Wallace Drive
Clio, AL 36017-2615
Phone: (334) 397-4471
Mailing Address
200 Wallace Drive
Clio, AL 36017-2615

Elmore Correctional Facility
3520 Marion Spillway Rd.
Elmore, AL 36025
Phone: (334) 567-1460

Fountain Correctional Facility
9677 AL Hwy 21 N
Atmore, AL 36503
Phone: (251) 368-8122
Mailing Address
Fountain 3800
Atmore, AL 36503-3800

William C. Holman Correctional Facility
866 Ross Road
Atmore, AL 36503
Phone: (251) 368-8173
Mailing Address
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503-3700

Hamilton Aged & Infirmed
223 Sasser Drive
Hamilton, AL 35570
Phone: (205) 921-7453

Holman Correctional Facility
866 Ross Road
Atmore, AL 36503
Phone: (251) 368-8173
Mailing Address
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503-3700

Kilby Correctional Facility
12201 Wares Ferry Road
Montgomery, AL 36117
(334) 215-6600
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 150
Mt. Meigs, AL 36057

Limestone Correctional Facility
28779 Nick Davis Rd
Harvest, AL 35749
Phone: (256) 233-4600

St Clair Correctional Facility
1000 St. Clair Road
Springville, AL 35146
Phone: (205) 467-6111

Staton Correctional Facility
2690 Marion Spillway Road
Elmore, AL 36025
Phone: (334) 567-2221

Tutwiler Prison for Women
8966 US Highway 231 North
Wetumpka, AL 36092
Phone: (334) 567-4369

Ventress Correctional Facility
379 Alabama Highway 239 North
Clayton, AL 36016
Phone: (334) 775-3331

How Do I Send Money to an Inmate in Alabama Prisons or Jails?

The Alabama DOC provides guidelines that interested parties can follow to send money to Alabama prison inmates. There are three ways to do this:

  • Access Secure Deposits: The ADC allows the public to send funds to inmates through an online, third-party service called Access Corrections. Interested persons must create accounts to process transactions and can make payments with all major credit cards. Inmates will receive the funds within minutes.
  • Money Order: To pay by money order, interested persons can attach an order deposit coupon and mail the money order to:

Secure Deposits — Alabama DOC
P.O. Box 12486
St. Louis, MO 63132

  • Cash Deposit: The Alabama DOC allows the public to send cash through Cash Pay. Interested persons may visit the website or call (844) 340-2274 to find the closest Cash Pay location.

The Alabama DOC charges fees to send money to inmates. The fee schedule is available on the DOC website.

How to Visit Inmates in Alabama Prisons

The Alabama DOC encourages inmates’ friends and family to visit them while abiding by its visitation guidelines. To visit an Alabama inmate, you must know which prison holds the inmate and can confirm this by querying the Alabama Inmate Search page.

Generally, intending visitors must complete an Alabama inmate visitors application (the form is on the last page). Then, submit the form for approval, which takes between 2 - 6 weeks. Once a visitor receives approval, they may visit inmates according to the prison’s visiting schedule.

Alabama inmates may receive up to eight visitors at a time. All adult visitors must bring along a valid photo ID, and minors must provide birth certificates or other court documents to visit. Visitation and dressing guidelines may vary according to the Alabama county or city that hosts the prison. For specific regulations, visit the prison’s website.

How to Perform an Alabama Prison Inmate Search

In compliance with the state’s public record laws, the Alabama DOC maintains an online inmate database containing open records of incarcerated individuals. Members of the public can perform a free inmate search by name. Interested parties can also conduct an Alabama prison inmate search using the inmate’s assigned Alabama Institutional Serial (AIS) Number. Members of the public may also obtain inmate records by submitting a public record request to the DOC.

Alabama Department of Corrections
301 S. Ripley Street
P.O. Box 301501
Montgomery, AL 36130-1501

All requests should include a completed public records request form stating the requesting party’s name, organization name, contact details, and proposed use of records. Forms should also have a description of the requested records and the requesting party’s signature. The DOC charges a non-refundable $25 processing fee. Thus, the total cost of processing the public records request depends on the number of pages and labor required. Applicants may also submit requests by email.

How to Perform an Alabama Jail Inmate Search

In Alabama, arrestees awaiting trial and inmates serving short sentences typically stay in city or county jails. Typically, Alabama’s jails only hold inmates serving sentences twelve months long or shorter. However, state jails may have inmates serving longer terms if the prisons are overcrowded.

Alabama’s jails are typically under the administrative control of county sheriffs. Interested persons who wish to learn how to find out if someone is in jail may call or email the Sheriff’s Office that manages the jail.

Interested persons may also perform an Alabama county jail inmate lookup by visiting the specific county website. These websites typically have resources like an inmate locator or jail contact information that researchers can use to find a person in jail. Researchers can also call or visit their local police station or sheriff’s office to find information on inmates in jail.

The Difference between Alabama State Prisons and County Jails

The primary difference between Alabama state prisons and county jails is the kinds of inmates housed in them. As of 2018, there were 15 state prisons and 132 county jails in Alabama. The average daily population of these facilities was 26,841.

The Alabama Department of Corrections is responsible for the operation of all state prisons and county jails in the state. The department had a total budget of $385 million for the fiscal year 2015 and employed 3,560 people, including 2,160 correctional officers. The average salary for a correctional officer in Alabama is $31,040 per year.

The Alabama state prison system consists of 14 major institutions, 4 work release centers, 2 boot camps, and 1 forestry camp. The total capacity of these facilities is 13,718 inmates.

How Do I Find Records of Inmates on Death Row?

The Alabama DOC maintains an online roster that provides general information about inmates on death row. It includes the inmate’s name, AIS number, sex, and birth year. It also lists the inmate’s crime, county of residence, and current location. In addition, it provides general statistics, such as the average age of inmates on death row, the total number of inmates on death row, and the racial breakdown of inmates.

How Do I Find Out an Inmate Release Date?

Inmate’s release dates are typically available to the public on the inmate records. But if making the inmate’s release date, public information will put the person at risk; the record custodian may redact this date. Consequently, interested persons must contact the correctional facility admin directly for the release date. Still, in such cases, inmate release dates will only be accessible to the inmate’s immediate family members and persons with legitimate, tangible interests.

How Do I Find Out Where Someone is Incarcerated in Alabama?

There are three ways to find out where a person is incarcerated in Alabama. One way is to perform an inmate record search using the inmate locator. This method works for persons convicted of felonies and incarcerated in Alabama prisons. Another way to find someone in jail is to visit the sheriff’s website in the county where the arrest or court trial happened. This method only works for persons convicted of misdemeanors and incarcerated in jails. The last way to find where a person is serving time is to get the court records from the clerk’s office in the court where the case was adjudicated. These records will contain judgment and sentencing information — that is where the court remanded the offender after conviction and the sentence length.

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Criminal Record

Criminal Record

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  • Between 2006 and 2010, approximately 3.4 million violent crimes went unreported.
  • Around 73 million (29.5%) of Americans have criminal records, many of which are eligible for sealing or expungement.
  • There were nearly 7.7 million property crimes in the United States in 2017. This represents a 3.6% decrease from the previous year.
  • Some newspapers have reported the cost of a public record can cost between $5 and $399,000.
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