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Blount County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

What are Blount County Arrest Records?

Arrest records are documents that reveal details about an arrest. Law enforcement agencies are responsible for generating and maintaining these records and arrest records for Blount County can be found at the County Sheriff’s office.

Crime Statistics

As reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program in 2017, Blount County had 313 violent crimes, including one murder case, 14 rape cases, five robbery cases, and 293 aggravated assault cases. Also, 198 burglary cases, 502 larceny cases, and 112 Motor vehicle theft cases were reported, making a total of 812 property crimes. In 2018, there were 375 violent crimes recorded; 1 murder case, 19 rape cases, five robbery cases, and 350 aggravated assault cases. There were 796 Property crimes made up of 191 burglary cases, 492 larceny cases, and 113 motor vehicle theft cases. When the data from the report published in 2017 is compared with the statistics of 2018, highly notable is the increase in violent crimes, aided by the cases of aggravated assaults in the county. On the other hand, there was a drop in the number of property crimes committed.

What are Blount County Criminal Records?

Blount County criminal records are documents that offer insight on an individual’s past arrests or convictions. Criminal records are used to locate or identify possible suspects in unsolved crimes and are sometimes used to determine sentences for criminals for crimes committed another time. Criminal records for Blount County, along with other counties in the state are collected, kept, and maintained by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

How Do I Get Blount County Criminal Records?

Criminal records in Blount County are accessible by completing an application form on the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency website. Upon completion, the applicant’s fingerprint, a copy of a government-issued photo I.D.; the form and a $25.00 payment (cash is not accepted) should be taken in person or mailed to;

301 S. Ripley Street,
P.O. Box 1511,
Montgomery, AL 36102-1511

How to Find Blount County Sex Offender Information

Blount County sex offender information can be found on the Sex Offender Registry maintained by the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, which displays names and addresses of sex criminals in the county. The list is compiled and regularly updated by the County Sheriff’s Office to provide a safe and secure environment for all county citizens.

How Do I Visit an Inmate in Blount County Jail?

For an inmate to receive a visitor at the Blount County Detention Centre, the inmate needs to fill a visitor registration form approved by the County Sheriff’s Office. Only names accepted can schedule a visit with the inmate. Endorsed visitors can contact the Sheriff’s office to create a visiting schedule as inmates are only allowed one visit daily. Requirements and conditions for visiting an inmate include a valid government-issued ID, appropriate dressing, and not coming along with any property, food, or drink. The Detention Centre is at;

225 Industrial Park Road
Oneonta, AL 35121
Phone: (205) 625-4133

Where and How to Find Blount County Inmate Information

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office maintains a website with information of inmates incarcerated at the county detention center. The site displays information of detainees released within the last 48 hours and also convicts currently in the detention center. Some of the content revealed are full name, booking number, booking date and time, charges, and bond. The information on the website is updated from time to time.

What are Blount County Court Records?

Court records provide details of allegations, court proceedings, sworn statements, and affidavits taken under oath, and judgments given in each case. Court records in Blount County are recorded and maintained by the office of the Circuit Clerk of Blount County. However, some of these records cannot be accessed because they are deemed confidential by either court rule or the law.

Location of All Courts in Blount County

Below are the addresses and contact details of courthouses located in Blount County:

Blount County Circuit Court
Blount County Courthouse
220 2nd Ave E, #208
Oneonta, AL 35121
Phone: (205) 625-4153

Blount County District Court
Blount County Courthouse
220 2nd Ave E, #208
Oneonta, AL 35121
Phone: (205) 625-4153

Blount County Probate Court
Blount County Courthouse
220 2nd Ave E
Oneonta, AL 35121
Phone: (205) 625-4191

Blountsville Municipal Court
10017 Lee St W,
P.O. Box 186
Blountsville, AL 35031
Phone: (205) 429-2406

Oneonta Municipal Court
202 3rd Ave E,
P.O. Box 750
Oneonta, AL 35121
Phone: (205) 274-2126

Snead Municipal Court
87169 US Hwy 278,
P.O. Box 505
Snead, AL 35952
Phone: (205) 466-3200

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What are Blount County Vital Records?

The Alabama Department of Public Health issues and sustains birth, death, marriage and divorce records, making them available for public access. The state of Alabama also operates a system known as the Vital Statistics Image Oriented Network that allows the County Health Departments to have access and issue vital records. To this end, vital records can be obtained in the County Health Departments in person or via mail, which may take up to 10 days.

Where and How to Get Blount County Divorce Records

According to the law in Alabama, divorce records can be accessed by anyone, as far as they can provide enough information to search for the record and pay the required fee. The cost of a Blount County divorce record is $15.00, and for every additional copy requested after, the price is $6.00. A check or money order is the acceptable mode of payment, and it is non-refundable. Some of the information needed to process the request includes the couple’s full names before marriage, date of divorce, name of the requestor, signature of the requestor, and address of the requestor. The request can be made via mail with a completed request form and the accurate fee or submitted in person at the Blount County Health Department. The request should be addressed to;

Alabama Vital Records
P.O. Box 5625
Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5625

Where and How to Get Blount County Marriage Records

Blount County marriage records are unrestricted, and requests can be made to the Alabama Department of Public Health. It is noteworthy that marriage records before August 1936 can only be obtained from the County Probate Office. The attached non-refundable fee for searching for a marriage record is $15.00, and a certified copy of the marriage certificate is issued afterward. For every additional copy requested, the fee is $6.00, and only check, or money order is accepted. Inquirers will also have to provide the couple’s full names before marriage and the date the wedding took place to help ease the search for the marriage record. To receive Blount County record via mail, applicants must send a completed request form and proof of payment to;

Alabama Vital Records
P.O. Box 5625
Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5625

Where and How to Get Blount County Birth Records

Birth certificates for persons born in Alabama, regardless of the county, are issued by the Alabama Center for Health Statistics. Birth records are confidential records and only become public records after 125 years from the birth date. The record is obtainable by immediate relatives of the person named on the certificate. Proof of this must be provided in the form of a government-issued I.D. Also, requestors must provide evidence of payment and a completed request form for the record search.

The cost of getting a certified copy of the Blount County birth records is $15.00, and $6.00 is charged for every subsequent copy requested. For expedited requests, there is an additional fee of $15.00. However, fees are non-returnable and check, or money orders are the only acceptable mediums of payment. Mail request for birth records within Blount County can be addressed to;

Alabama Vital Records
P.O. Box 5625
Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5625

Birth records can be obtained at the Blount County Health Department.

Where and How to Get Blount County Death Records

Blount County death records are available through the Alabama Center for Health Statistics website or the Blount County Health Department. The Department operates a program the issuance of certified copies of vital records across all counties. By Alabama law, death records cease to be confidential documents after 25 years from the date of death. Nevertheless, death records that are less than 25 years can only be obtained by close relatives or legal representatives of the deceased, after payment of the applicable fee of $15.00. The fee is non-refundable, and there’s an additional $6.00 charge for every extra copy requested. A valid request would have a completed request form, a copy of a government-issued ID and proof of deposit mailed to:

Alabama Vital Records
P.O. Box 5625
Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5625